Forex Partnership program


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Offer for IBs and webmasters Refer new clients and get commission

Become a part of the multi-trillion dollar Forex industry and start making money by attracting new clients to an established Forex broker. We're sure you will be impressed by the results!

Benefits for webmasters

We offer unique and flexible partnership conditions that allow you to get maximum profits from your visitors. Here are some of the key advantages of promoting FxPartners:

Get commission from deposits if your clients are inexperienced and do not trade actively, or, instead, get commission for every trade your clients make if they are active traders. You can also do both!

Recommended partnership types

Commission from trades

Get commission for every trade your client makes! We pay you out up to 60% from the net spread, which accounts for up to $30 per lot traded. This is the classic FX partnership type.

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Commission from deposits

Get up to 20% from all your clients’ deposits. Indefinitely. Increase your client base and your monthly income. Unique offer in the Forex industry!

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Commission per lead

Get paid for every new registration you refer, no matter if the client deposited money and traded or not. Flexible payments terms for every website registration.

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Our advantages

  • Attractive low spreads
  • Unique bonuses for clients
  • Automatic and manual rebates
  • Flexible partnership options
  • Quality promo materials
  • Help with promotion
  • SWIFT payments
  • The most favourable conditions
  • Direct links with no ID
  • A trustworthy brand

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